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Krita Monthly Update – Edition 14

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Welcome to the latest development and community news curated for you by the Krita-promo team.

Development report

Official Recap of February’s Online Development Meeting

Last month we provided highlights of the video meeting led by Halla, Krita’s Maintainer. She has since published a post on presenting the challenges and opportunities that came out of that meeting.

One of the largest projects this year is porting Krita from Qt5 to Qt6 (Qt is the framework upon which Krita is built). This is a major change and will require serious development time. We invite you to read more about the considerations of this project as well as other ideas the Krita team is currently discussing and changes that have taken place within Krita’s development team. You can access it here.

Highlights of this month

Community report

March 2024 Monthly Art Challenge

Krita-Artists members outdid themselves by creating 41 images for Mythmaker’s challenge: Marvellous Metal. The quality and calibre of the entries made it tough to choose only two when it was time to vote. Elixiah emerged the winner with these two images:

Vintage Forgotten Ford by elixiah

Wildkat-Engine by elixiah

Elixiah asked MangooSalade and jimplex, who tied for second place, to choose the April challenge and they have come up with a good one! Our new topic is Animal Curiosity and this time there is an additional challenge. Read all about it here.

We’re Asking for Ideas

Mythmaker started a very positive conversation about improving the way images are selected for the featured artwork banner on website. We have had nomination processes in place for some time which have been somewhat effective (and you’ll see the results of our first featured artwork poll in the next section) but we haven’t landed on a system that makes it easy to nominate artwork and is manageable administratively. Take a glance at some of the proposed ideas – something in there might trigger a new idea for you to share.

We held our very first monthly poll for the Krita-Artists featured artwork banner. Five images were added to the banner so thank you for nominating and voting. Dragon Courier by desenhunos was the #1 pick.


The March/April nomination thread will be open until April 10, 2024. Here’s how you can participate.

Noteworthy plugin

HCL Sliders by Lucifer “HCL Sliders is a color slider plugin with various hue/colorfulness/lightness models for use with the sRGB color profile and its linear counterpart.” More details about the plugin’s capabilities can be found in Lucifer’s post.


Tutorial of the month

Wrap Around Mode by David Revoy In just two minutes, you’ll learn what makes this feature so powerful.

Notable changes in code

This section has been compiled by freyalupen. Mar 6 - Mar 31, 2024

Stable branch (5.2.2+):



Unstable branch (5.3.0-prealpha):



These changes are made available for testing in the following builds:

(macOS builds will be available in the future.)

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