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Krita Monthly Update – Edition 15

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It is time for the monthly news update brought to you by the Krita-promo team. Let us take a look at the highlights of krita community and development for this month.

Development report

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Community report

March 2024 Monthly Art Challenge

The April Monthly Art Challenge, Animal Curiosity, inspired submissions from 26 artists. @jimplex was voted the winner with this creative piece: Firefly by jimplex

Firefly by Jimplex

The theme for the May 2024 challenge is “reflection.” You can get all the details here. We already have some ideas and pre-work flying around in the discussion and WIP thread. Have a look – something might inspire your creativity.

Krita-Artists members nominated 9 images for the featured artwork banner. When the mid-month poll ended, these are the 5 that won a place on the banner. All 5 will be entered into the Best of Krita-Artists 2024 competition next January.

Cabin in the woods-RH by Rohit Hela

Cabin in the woods by Rohit Hela

Detailed Portrait by denjay5

Detailed Portrait by denjay5

Nier Automata by IvanGilbertt

Nier Automata by IvanGilbertt

Alien Senator by DavB

Alien Senator by DavB

My uni project by smollbirb

My uni project by smollbirb

Nominations for the April/May poll are open until May 11, 2024.

Noteworthy plugin

Blender-Krita link plugin for texture editing by heisenshark

This plugin has a fresh update that the author describes as a “big overhaul of how the plugin works.” Check out the thread on here.

blender-krita link

Tutorial of the month

Krita’s newest tutorial by Ramon Miranda features an interview with Rakurri, the creator of Rakurri’s brush pack containing more than 200 brushes made just for Krita. Ramon demonstrates his favorite ones such Glow FX, Liquid Bristle and the vegetation brushes.

Notable changes in code

This section has been compiled by freyalupen. Apr 3 - May 2, 2024

Stable branch (5.2.2+):


Nightly build regression bugfixes:

Unstable branch (5.3.0-prealpha):



Nightly build regression bugfixes:

These changes are made available for testing in the following Nightly builds:

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