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Presenting Krita Gemini

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Today KO GmbH presents Krita Gemini for Windows 8. Krita Gemini is a fusion between Krita Sketch and Krita Desktop: Krita Gemini switches seamlessly between the full-featured desktop/notebook user interface and the sketch interface, which is optimized for tablets.

KO GmbH has been working closely with Intel to develop this innovative technology. To quote Intel: "Krita Gemini is a brilliant example of how developers should utilise the option of a convertible device by using both tablet and desktop mode. The switching between the two modes works seamlessly."

With the right hardware, the switch is fully automatic and truly seamless. Krita Gemini also supports the AVX2 instruction set that was introduced with Haswell, Part of the development effort was spent on improving the Vc library by Matthias Kretz, adding support for Haswell's AVX2 vector extensions. KO GmbH worked close with Intel on this project.

Download Krita Gemini for free from the KO GmbH website. It works with Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Check out how TImothee Giet uses Krita Gemini: