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Become part of Krita's first training DVD!

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In 2010 and 2011, thanks to the generous donation of the community, Krita has grown into a mature digital painting application.

Krita is ready for widespread adoption by professional artists everywhere!

Krita adds an essential component to the suite of free applications for artists, a full-featured digital painting application, enabling artists who might haven't been able before to express their art with free tools to start using free software, making it possible for their talent and skills to engage with the free culture and free software world. So now that Krita has is ready to take its place among the other professional free graphics applications such as Scribus, Blender, MyPaint, Gimp or Inkscape, it's time to remove the last hurdles to widespread adoption by artists everywhere:

Now we have the opportunity to work with experienced comic book artist Animtim to create a full 20 page color comic book and accompanying artist training DVD using Krita and the other free graphics tools.

Animtim's artwork is impressive, and in the DVD he'll share his experience with Krita as he shows artists everywhere, how to create a comic book, end to end. The DVD will highlight, step-by-step, how to prepare your page, sketch characters, ink with bitmap and vector tools, add color, and export to web or print all with Krita. Finally it will show how to create page layouts and a print-ready PDF with Scribus, making it useful for everyone wanting to create comics in print and on the web. Naturally the rest of us benefit by seeing more great comics, artists in free software and open culture!

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Download / View the HTML5 (webm) trailer

When the DVD and comic book is published, all the videos, brushes, artwork and other material will be released to artists everywhere with an open, creative commons license in time for the launch of Krita 2.4 (which will be available on Linux and Windows).

If we can get the support needed, that is!

Just like Lukas last year, we can't let Animtim starve -- he will need two months, maybe a bit longer, to work on this project full-time, so we need about two thousand euros of sponsorship to make this possible. Let's make it possible together!
Your donation will also help Krita and Scribus developers refine Krita's tools and workflow with the valuable feedback that only real-world, production use can give.

When the DVD becomes available for pre-order, you donation will give you a discount on the DVD + comic book package as well -- and your comic book will have a personal dedication from Animtim.

This is a daring venture for a small project like Krita, which is why we are asking you for your support for the production of the contents of the DVD. Once the contents have been created, Animtim will make sure they are updated for Krita 2.4, and the pre-order for the dvd's will start. Your donation will help us get beyond to this critical point!

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