Krita 4.2.5 发布

本文发表时间:   2019 年 08 月 04 日

我们发现 Krita 4.2.4 下使用某些工具时依然会发生一个影响快捷键工作的程序问题。我们以最快速度修复了它,并提前发布了 Krita 4.2.5。我们建议所有用户升级到最新版。


  • Fix an assert in the transform tool when working with a tablet and touch
  • Fix continued transformation in the transform tool
  • Fix updates in the transform tool
  • Show the publication time in the welcome page news ticker in the user’s preferred short date/time format
  • Fix using the tangent-normal brush when the canvas is rotated or mirrored (BUG:404408)
  • Make it possible again to create new palettes and save them in the resource folder, instead of the current document (BUG:410137)
  • Make Krita not gobble up all available memory when loading a JPG file with specific metadata (BUG:410242)
  • Constrain assistant editors to the viewport, so they can always be manipulated
  • Make sure Krita stores changes to brush presets in the current session by default (BUG:410463)
  • Remove an assert that could be triggered when opening the first image in a session
  • Update the version of the default input settings profile, so the rotate/zoom action will be activated even if the user already had a local kritadefault.profile file
  • Fix a crash on using the move tool while the image is being opened (BUG:398968)
  • Make sure the painting tools don’t block anymore (BUG:409968,408826,409275)
  • Make the shortcut handling system more tolerant when shortcuts overlap (BUG:409968)
  • Fix a crash in the transform tool
  • Make the transform tool and the move tool more responsive



提示:如果在 Windows 下遇到程序崩溃,请根据 相关指引 使用 debug symbols 协助我们分析崩溃原因。


(如果 Firefox 把链接作为文本打开,请右键另存为)


提示:gmic-qt 在 OSX 下暂不可用。



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