正式發佈 Krita 4.4.5 新版本

發佈時間:   2021 年 06 月 09 日

今次將會係 Krita 5.0 發佈前嘅最後一個 4.4 修正版本。我哋修正咗一個喺 macOS 運行下嘅重大問題,而我哋希望 macOS 使用者都可以獲得最新嘅修正,因此決定發佈多一個更新。




  • Set ElideRight for the tabs in the mdiarea. (Bug 433640)
  • If loading the image fails too often, stop retrying (Bug 433652)
  • Use QVersionNumber to compare versions
  • Fix oilpaint filter’s tiling artifacts commit
  • Only open the bug dialog when Krita is in alpha or beta
  • Fix crash on popup palette on 125% scale (Bug 431944)
  • Fix compilation for GCC11. Thanks Jonathan Wakely for the suggested fix! (Bug 434150)
  • Use opengl ES on Arm Linux (Bug 421136)
  • Fix crash on importing a broken icc profile (Bug 434273)
  • Remove the hello world demo plugin (Bug 422380)
  • Bugfix: Crash with crop tool (Bug 433770)
  • Bugfix: Transform (Shear) tool doesn’t use pivot (Bug 427462)
  • Fix angle range in the angle selector in status bar and overview docker (Bug 434993)
  • Implement “Scale handles proportionally” feature for the mesh transform
  • Bugfix: Crop tool doesn’t respond to some events (Bug 435201)
  • Remove JPG from the list of supported clipboard image formats (Bug 431310)
  • Don’t set the menu text on the action if it’s empty (Bug 437036)
  • Expose the node’s unique id to libkis commit
  • Fix quicklook generator (Bug 436224)
  • Fix random crashes on macOS and fix cursor getting stuck after switching to other apps using cmd+tab and returning to krita using mouse click. (Bug 434646)
  • Fix data corruption on pressing Ctrl+Z while crop action is active (CCBug 433770)
  • Fix zooming of the palette in Lazy Fill Tool (Bug 410997)
  • Fix outline-selection precision when shift-modifier is pressed (Bug 437048)
  • Fix crash when closing Krita too quickly while some stroke is still rendering (Bug 419021)
  • Fix incorrect memory access in KisCanvas2::setProofingOptions()
  • Fix a race condition when starting spontaneous jobs (Bug 434648)
  • Fix display color management in Overview docker (Bug 428605)
  • Fix Nearest Neighbour filter of the perspective transform mode (Bug 420811)
  • Fix drift of the transformed image when moving mouse too quickly (Bug 416899)
  • Fix smoothness of Free Transform mode (Bug 416899)
  • Fix input method not working on popup widgets (Bug 395598)
  • Fix export in Krita using CLI commit
  • Fix OpenColorIO include dir detection commit
  • Fix order of arguments in OverviewThumbnailStrokeStrategy (CID 310957)
  • Do not rely on endianness in psd_image_data (CID 35080)
  • Widen variables before making calculations (CID 248925)
  • 0verride patchWidth and patchHeight being 0 with defaults (CID 248441, CID 248622)
  • Check value after dynamic cast in ConvertColorSpacePr.Vis. (CID 304985)
  • Properly bound values on conversions (CID 248629, CID 248458)
  • Initialize propertyType in KisMetaData::TypeInfo::Private (CID 35498)
  • Initialize variables in KoRuler and KisFullRefreshWalker (CID 35523, CID 35612)
  • Initialize members of KisImagePyramid (CID 36041)
  • Initialize members of DlgOffsetImage and DeformBrush (CID 36144, CID 36265)
  • Initialize members in KCanvasPreview (CID 36395)
  • Initialize members in DlgClonesArray (CID 248509)
  • Initialize members in KisShadeSelectorLine (CID 36338)
  • Initialize members of assistant classes (CID 248502, CID 248916)
  • Initialize members in spin box related classes (CID 248555, CID 248871)
  • Fix xyYtoXYZ color conversion formula
  • Make the code in the triangle color selector cleaner commit
  • Fix updates in Channels docker commit
  • Fix updates in Histogram docker commit
  • Fix multithreading in Histogram widget commit
  • Change typedef to using in HistogramDockerWidget commit
  • Fix referencing of null value in SvgStyleWriter(CID 329512)
  • Fix uninitialized values in HistogramDockerWidget (CID 329509)
  • Fix High DPI for canvas previews in Undo History docker commit
  • Fix crash on saving a huge image to .kra (Bug 432182)
  • Ensure that transform worker won’t try to scale to 0 (Bug 432182)
  • Fix KoQuaZipStore error checking commit
  • Show country in language list for disambiguation (Bug 437994)
  • Fix failing update when transforming a shape layer with a Transform Tool (Bug 437886)
  • Do not append country name to zh_CN and zh_TW (Bug 437994)
  • Revert “Fix OpenColorIO include dir detection”
  • Add more checks on saving to kra commit
  • Fix non-float results in expressions for float values (CID 329390, CID 329448, CID 329482)
  • Fix uninitialized values in various classes (CID 329508, CID 329504, CID 329503, CID 329502, CID 329501)
  • Don’t assert on invalid 0-bytes palettes commit
  • Initialize members of SVG Symbols classes (CID 304987)
  • Initialize members of KisColorSelector classes (CID 36349, CID 248848, CID 248452, CID 248707)
  • Android: Make saving operation on exit more robust commit
  • Bugfix: Artifact with more than one active assitant (Bug 401940)
  • Android: SAFE_ASSERT on TouchCancel event commit
  • Android: Layer Properties’ text field not responding to keyboard events
  • Android: Fix Window Manager position when rotating
  • Bugfix: Inconsistent stroke fill and shape fill (Bug 399127, Bug 422204, Bug 434828)


正式發佈版本跳過咗版本編號 4.4.4,因為 Krita 4.4.4 係為 Epic Store 臨時發佈所準備嘅版本。


如果你使用免安裝版:請注意,免安裝版仍然會同安裝版本共用設定檔同埋資源。如果想用免安裝版測試並回報 crash 嘅問題,請同時下載 debug symbols。

注意:由依個版本開始,我哋唔再提供為 32 位元 Windows 建置嘅版本。



備註:gmic-qt 未支援 macOS。


我哋提供嘅 ChomeOS 同 Android 版本仲係測試版本。依個版本或可能含有大量嘅 bug,而且仲有部份功能未能正常運作。由於使用者介面仲未改進好,軟件或者須要配合實體鍵盤先可以用到全部功能。

除咗用以下連結下載 APK 安裝檔,你亦可以經由 Google Play 安裝 Krita 4.4.5。



下載檔案嘅 MD5 校對碼可以喺依個檔案入面搵到:


Linux AppImage 以及原始碼嘅 .tar.gz 同 .tar.xz 壓縮檔已使用數碼簽署簽名。你可以運行 “gpg –recv-key 7468332F” 以取得 public key。簽名檔可以喺依度搵到(副檔名為 .sig)。

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