Krita 4.2.2 リリース

公開    2019 年 06 月 30 日

Krita 4.2.1が今月出たばかりですが、Krita 4.2.2をリリースします。これもバグ修正リリースです。新機能も含むKrita 4.3のリリース時期まで、毎月Krita 4.2のバグ修正リリースを出そうと考えています。修正されたバグのリストはこちらです。

  • Text editor: make sure the background color is the one set in the settings (BUG:408344)
  • Fix a crash when creating a text shape (BUG:407554)
  • Make sure the text style is not reset when removing the last character in the text editor (BUG:408441)
  • Fix an issue on macOS where some libraries could not be loaded (BUG:408343)
  • Use a highlighted tool button in the selection tool option dockers so it’s easier to see which selection action is active
  • Fix the nearest neighbour transform algorithm (BUG:408182)
  • Fix a styling issue in the filter layers properties dialog (BUG:408171)
  • Fix an issue where if Krita was set to use a language other than English, vector strokes were drawn wrongly
  • Fix selecting colors from the combobox in the palette docker
  • Fix a crash when loading a broken KPL file (BUG:408447)
  • Fix an issue where a transparent pattern fill loader was loaded incorrectly (BUG:408169)
  • Make it possible to make the onion skin docker smaller (BUG:407646)
  • Improve loading GPL palettefiles with thousands of columns
  • Fix the slider widget to make it impossible to get negative values
  • Improve the tiff import/export filter (BUG:408177)
  • Fix loading the scripter Python plugin when using a language other than English
  • Improve the reference image tool and optimize loading images from clipboard
  • Make the camera raw import filter honor batch mode
  • Fix rendering of clone layers if the source layer is not visible (BUG:408167, BUG:405536)
  • Fix move and transform tools after a quick layer duplication (BUG:408593)
  • Fix a crash when selecting the opaque pixels on a transform mask (BUG:408618)
  • Fix loading sRGB EXR files (BUG:408485)
  • Make the new image dialog choose the last used option even when the user’s language has changed
  • Fix the “Enforce Palette Colors” feature (BUG:408256)
  • Update the brush preview on every brush stamp creation (BUG:389432)
  • Make it possible to edit vector shapes on duplicated vector layers (BUG:408028)
  • Hide the color picker button in the vector object properties docker, it’s unimplemented
  • Fix color as mask export in GIH and GBR brush tip export (BUG:389928)
  • Restore the default favorite blending modes
  • Add a header to all right-click menus on the canvas so the first thing under the cursor isn’t something dangerous, like ‘cut’ (BUG:408696)
  • Fix an incorrect condition when rendering animations where Krita would complain to be out of memory
  • Keep the community links in the welcome screen visible when changing theme (BUG:408686)
  • Check after saving whether the saved file can be opened and has correct contents
  • Improve the import/export error handling and reporting
  • Make sure the filter dialog shows up in front of Krita’s main window (BUG:408867)
  • Make sure that the contiguous selection tool provides the antialiasing switch (BUG:408733)
  • Fix the fuzziness setting in the contiguous selection tool
  • Fix putting the text shape behind every other shape on a vector layer after editing text (BUG:408693)
  • Fix switching the pointer type by stylus tip (BUG:408454, BUG:405747)
  • Fix an issue on Linux where switching from pen to mouse would prevent the mouse from drawing on the canvas (BUG:407595)
  • Fix a crash when the user undoes creating layers too quickly (BUG:408484)
  • Fix using .KRA and .ORA files as file layers (BUG:408087)
  • Clear all points in the outline selection on clicking (BUG:408439)
  • Fix a crash when using the fill tool in fast mode on a pixel selection mask
  • Fix merging layers with inactive selection masks (BUG:402070)
  • Remove default actions from the Reference Image tool that were inappropriate (BUG:408427)
  • Fix undo/redo not restoring the document to unmodified (BUG:402263)
  • Fix the deform tool leaving darkish traces when scrubbing a lot on a 16 bit canvas (BUG:290383)
  • Updated Qt to 5.12.4

注意: 一部のWindowsシステムで、Krita 4.2.xが起動しないことがあります。開発チームでこの問題を再現するシステムがない状態です。機能するOpenGLドライバやDirect3Dドライバがないシステムで問題が主に起きているようです。解決に向けて作業を行っています。



Windowsユーザーの皆さんへ:もしクラッシュする事案に遭遇した場合は、この案内(英語) に従いデバッグシンボルをKritaに追加してください。これによってKritaがクラッシュした原因をログから解析できるようになります。




注意: gmic-qtはOSXで利用できません。





Linux appimageとソースのtarボールは署名されています。パブリックキーをhttps経由で取得できます: 0x58b9596c722ea3bd.asc 署名は こちらです (.sigのファイルです)