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Notas del lanzamiento de Krita 5.1

Publicación anterior | Miércoles, 20 de abril de 2022 | Tiempo de lectura: 8 minutos | Publicación siguiente

The first release after the big 5.0, Krita 5.1 comes with a ton of smaller improvements and technical polish. This release sees updates to usability across the board, improved file format handling, and a whole lot of changes to the selection and fill tools.

Much thanks for David Revoy for the majority of the feature demonstrations below, as well as Wojtryb for compiling his favorite new features into a video:

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Formatos de archivos


Some of the biggest changes this time around have been purely technical.


Herramientas de relleno y de selección

Deif Lou has spend the last 6 months greatly improving the functionality of the fill and contiguous selection tools.

These tools now have better organized tool options (MR 1360, MR 1453), which is necessary, because there’s now sliders for variable softness (MR 1174) and proper anti-aliasing based on the FXAA algorithm (MR 1350).

There’s also three new ways of applying a fill. The first is Continuous Fill (MR 1160), which allows dragging the cursor over all regions you wish to fill.

The second is a whole new Enclose and fill tool (MR 1415), which allows dragging out a rectangle or other shape over everything you wish to fill, and Krita will automatically determine which sections to fill.

The final one consist of massive improvements to the drag-and-drop swatch functionality (MR 1135). You can now drop swatches onto a section of the canvas, and Krita will use the current fill tool options to determine how the dropped color will fill the section.



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