Help the Krita Foundation! November 2017 Donations €1338 collected 116 awesome people

Why a Monthly Subscription?

Individual donations are great, but the development fund gives us a regular income, which makes it possible to plan for the future. Fund raisers are most often feature oriented; the development fund gives us time to work on stability and polish. We now have 36 development fund subscribers who donate 276 euros every month!

Fund raisers also take a lot of time and effort; time that cannot be spent on working on Krita!

Of course, Krita will always be free and open source: there is no need to worry that the application will one day switch to a subscription model. But every little bit helps, and with a small monthly subscription you will help Krita’s development to progress at a stable rate.

Monthly Subscription Amount €1 minimum
November 2017
Individual donations from 67 people
Subscriptions from 49 subscribers

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