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2016 Krita Developer Sprint – Deventer, Netherlands

Krita is a Free and Open Source application. Krita is mostly developed by an international team of enthusiastic volunteers. Additionally, two Krita contributors of long standing are working on Krita full-time, Boudewijn Rempt and Dmitry Kazakov. To support all the work we’re doing on Krita, we welcome donations from Krita users!

Where does the money go?

Development: We sponsor two developers, Boudewijn and Dmitry, to work full-time on fixing bugs, adding new features, and improving Krita on all supported platforms. Together with our user community, we decide on development priorities. The priority for 2017/2018 is releasing Krita 4.0 with improved vector and text tools, scripting and performance improvements. Going further into 2018 we’ll be focusing on stability, polish and performance!

Hardware: We use some of our funds to provide developers with test hardware such as drawing tablets, graphics cards or complete systems.

Support: We also spend a lot of effort on supporting users: releasing news announcements, interviews, forum and chatroom support, documentation, and doing release builds on all platforms. The Foundation supports two volunteers financially following the Dutch tax law.

Travel: We support travel to international conferences, such as the Libre Graphics Meeting or art or comics conferences, where Krita can be represented. The foundation also organizes developer sprints: short meetings where Krita developers and users join under one roof for discussions and working together. We will usually try to get funding for these from other sources first, like the event planners themselves.

Development Updates

We frequently post development updates and other status reports on our homepage. If you want to be notified when new releases come out you can sign up for our release mailing list. The mailing list only sends out an email when final builds are done. If you want to see early builds, you will need to catch the news.

You might not want to constantly check the website for updates. You can use our RSS feed to subscribe to news updates at

Large Donations

If you are in the EU, or if you want to donate larger sums, it will usually be best to use a direct bank transfer, to avoid Paypal’s fees. For questions, contact

Stichting Krita Foundation
Korte Assenstraat 11 7411JP
Deventer, the Netherlands.

Bank Account
IBAN: NL72INGB0007216397

Tax Deductible

The Stichting Krita Foundation is a Dutch non-profit but not a charity (ANBI). Gifts are not tax-deductable.


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