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This is a timeline of Krita's history. The project, starting out as a patch to Gimp, continued as KImageShop, never released as Krayon, ending up as Krita, Krita's history goes back to 1998.




Author: Michael Koch 
Date:   Tue Jun 8 11:57:20 1999 +0000
added new app KImageShop
It will be an image processing application for KOffice






As Part of KOffice Releases

The KOffice website was first implemented in php, then moved to a CMS. The php-based website was taken down and later on removed from KDE's subversion repository. The cms-based successor of the website was taken down in an act of vandalism by the last remaining KOffice developer. This means that for the KOffice part of Krita's history there are no direct links to announcements and changelogs anymore. A backup of the php-based website is is available on github.



With Krita 1.5, support for color management arrived. High channel depths (16 and 32 bits float), and color models like CMYK, L*a*b, LMS and a dedicated simulation of watercolors, scripting in Python and Ruby using Kross were added.



We did a lot of coding, but no releases were made.


KOffice 2.0 was long in the making. The port was very difficult, even though we got off to a good start. And the 2.0 release was not usable in any real way, it was labeled as a "tech preview". With Krita 2.0, moved to a new website, and there is no backup of that at all. Fortunately, we started running our own website, first, then when that url became available.


Krita 2.3: Chagall Release


As Part of Calligra Releases


Krita 2.4: Moebius Release



2.8: Ready for Windows!

2.9: The Kickstarter Release

Krita Releases

Krita 3.0

This version implemented the Animation components and ported Krita to Qt5

Krita 4.0

This version improved Vectors, Text Tool and Scripting.

Krita 4.1

This version improved Reference Images Tool, Sessions and performance.

Krita 4.2

This version brought HDR support, gamut masks and performance.

Krita 4.3

This version brought new filters, improved brushes, watercolor brush presets, first beta on Android and ChromeOS, snapshot docker, the magnetic selection tool is back.

Krita 4.4

This version brought new generators for Fill layers, SeExpr and updated filters.