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Krita Monthly Update – Edition 16

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Welcome to the latest development and community news curated for you by the Krita-promo team.

Development report

Krita is 25 years old!

Artwork by David Revoy (CC BY-SA)

May 31, 2024 marks Krita’s 25th birthday. As one would expect, there have been many changes over the years – even the name changed several times. You can get a look inside Krita’s history in this blog post written by @Halla, Krita’s Maintainer for more than 20 years.

In honour of this milestone, @RamonM prepared a special treat for all Krita users: a video interview with @Halla.

Your feedback is requested

Other Development Highlights


Community Report

May 2024 Monthly Art Challenge

And the winner is… Cat Reflection by Elixiah.

cat reflection by Elixiah

For the June Art Challenge, Elixiah has chosen Magnificent Dragon with an interesting optional challenge for any who care to give themselves an added stretch.

Ten images were submitted to the Best of Krita-Artists Nominations thread which was open from April 14th to May 11th. When voting closed on May 14th, these five had the most votes and were added to the Krita-Artists featured artwork banner.

Quiet Morning by @Gurkirat_Singh.


Pollinatrix Terrae by @jimplex.


The Lone Rider-2 by @rohithela.

005 (Spider in the web) by @HappyBuket.

005 Spider

Challenge Horn by @MangooSalade.

Challenge Horn

In addition to their place of honour on the banner, all five will be entered into the Best of Krita-Artists 2024 competition next January. The Best of Krita-Artists May/June Nominations thread will be open for submissions until June 11, 2024. You are invited to join in by nominating your favourite piece of Krita artwork!

Noteworthy Plugin

Create a New View as Window and Topped by Cliscylla saves steps by opening a new view and setting it to always stay on top.

new window plugin

Tutorial of the month

How to record video directly from Krita and post to social media by Deevad is a comprehensive tutorial for beginner and intermediate Krita users. It takes the viewer through the initial screen set up and recommended canvas dimensions right through to the export process.

Ways to help Krita

Krita is a Free and Open Source application, mostly developed by an international team of enthusiastic volunteers. Donations from Krita users to support maintenance and development is appreciated.

Visit Krita’s funding page to see how donations are used and explore a one-time or monthly contribution.

Notable Changes in the code

This section has been compiled by freyalupen. (May 6 - June 6, 2024)

Stable branch (5.2.3-beta1):


Stable branch (5.2.3-beta1+):



Stable branch (5.2.3-beta1+) backports from Unstable: Bugfixes:

Unstable branch (5.3.0-prealpha):



These changes are made available for testing in the following Nightly builds:

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Krita is a free and open source project. Please consider supporting the project with donations or by buying training videos or the artbook! With your support, we can keep the core team working on Krita full-time.

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