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Krita Monthly Update – Edition 13

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Welcome to all krita artists, this monthly zine is curated for you by the Krita-promo team.

Development report

Community report

Monthly Art Challenge

Krita-Artists’ Monthly Art Challenge is a great way to stretch your skills and learn more about Krita.

February’s Art Challenge theme was Architectural/Urban, designed by Elixiah. We had a full slate of submissions to vote on at the end of the month. Mythmaker won the challenge with this image:

Entry by myhtmaker for monthly art challenge on KA
The challenge for this month is Marvellous Metal. Why not join in? It’s a friendly competition where we even share tips and help each other with challenge submissions on the WIP thread.

YouTube Growth

The Krita YouTube channel has reached 80,000 subscribers. That’s a gain of 17,000 subs in just over a year. Ramon’s most recent video, 5.2.2 New Features, has already had more than 86,000 views over the last month.

featured image row on KA

Great news: Members Hall and the nomination process is now open to all Krita-Artists members. Everyone has the opportunity to nominate artwork for the featured gallery. Monthly submission threads will open on the 15th of each month. We’ll use your submissions to create a poll which will determine the top four. The winning images will be added to the featured gallery.

The current instructions and submission thread explains everything you need to know in order to nominate artwork that you feel represents the best of Krita-Artists. In January, we’ll create an annual poll to vote for the very best from 2024.

Noteworthy plugin

Shortcut Composer v1.5.0 Released (this update requires Krita 5.2.2 or higher)

Highlights of new features:

|Screenshot of the plugin in action

Tutorial of the month

From David Revoy: Grayscale to Color – Character Design “A commented step-by-step guide and advice on how to paint an original fantasy character design from scratch in Krita.”

Notable changes in code

This section has been compiled by [freyalupen]. (Feb 5 - Mar 5, 2024)

Stable branch (5.2.2+): Bugfixes:

Stable branch (5.2.2+) backports from Unstable: Bugfixes:

Unstable branch (5.3.0-prealpha): Features:


These changes are made available for testing in the latest development builds:

(macOS and Android builds will be available in the future.)

Ways to help Krita

Krita is a Free and Open Source application, mostly developed by an international team of enthusiastic volunteers. Donations from Krita users to support maintenance and development is appreciated. Join the Development Fund with a monthly donation. Or make a one-time donation here.

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