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Short film made with Krita

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(by Lucija Oroz)

My name is Lucija Oroz and I am a professional animator from Croatia. In my spare time I love to read about the human mind and human behavior.

The film 45'' is my master's degree project, the largest project I ever did. While working on it, I was so afraid that something would go wrong that I was unable to finish it, so I decided to something to cheer myself up. I got the chance to experience a tandem parachute jump. I was so impressed: it was both scary and beautiful.

That was how the idea was born to combine my film with emotions that people usually experience during good or bad moments in their life.

As a student I fell in love with oil paint animation on glass under a camera. That is a very slow and time-consuming technique, demanding a lot of preparation. With a full-time job in the game industry as an artist and animator, writing and working on pre-production, my time was much more limited and it was hard to keep that up, so I looked for an alternative. One day a colleague told me about Krita. That day, I downloaded the program as soon as I got home. After spending a couple of hours testing brushes and working on test animations, I was hooked!

Krita was very intuitive, without any brush lag, which is very important for the style I prefer. I could finally create animations with almost the same visual effects that you get with oil paint.

Like many other students, I had no budget for buying licences, but Krita is free and it became my number one choice, still is, and will remain.