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Developer chat moving

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For years, most development discussion for Krita has happened on the #krita channel on the Freenode IRC network. IRC is a venerable chat system (that's to say, it's old and quirky) but it works very well for us because it's free and open source software and because it treats chat as chat: it doesn't keep logs for you if you're not in the channel, there are many clients and interaction is simple and limited to just text.

However, the freenode IRC network is no longer a good host for our development work. The people currently managing the network are doing very strange things, and the people who used to manage the network have created a new network,

From today, if you want to chat to Krita's developers and contributors, you'll need to join the #krita channel on

Bridges with the Matrix network (a different, newer, more complex chat system) are in the works, and sometimes work, but sometimes don't work. This means that if you join use Matrix to join the IRC channel people probably will see nothing of what you're saying.