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Interview with Eka Icydust

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Could you tell us something about yourself?

I have a HUGE problem in picking favorites, copy others' styles when I'm lazy (hehe):-D, ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DRAW, play Minecraft, BlockstarPlanet, extra extra, horrible at controller, all my friends have a TV or TVs and I dont :(, hate Roblox but can still play it in Roblox banned countries and I basically love dark and creepy AND I'm not girly or boyish.

Birthday on November 30th so now I'm 12.

I have a lot of books (I love reading).

I also hate putting the signature after I draw cause it seems annoying inĀ  my bad handwriting.

How did you find out about Krita?

I found out about Krita when I was browsing in the Ubuntu store cause for my laptop R.I.P Windows it's broken, and I found THIS AMAZING drawing software Krita in front of my eyes.

Do you draw on paper too, and which is more fun, paper or computer?

I do some doodles and random stuff on paper and walls (erased :(() and floors sometimes and tables (hoho).

What kinds of pictures do you draw?

I draw mostly humans and creepy creatures.

What is easy to do with Krita? What is difficult to do?

Everything is easy to do with Krita.

What is the best thing about Krita?

Best thing is basically everything.

Is there anything in Krita that you'd like to be different?

Everything is fine in Krita.

What is your favourite picture that you made with Krita?

I don't know but I sent a bunch.

What brushes and techniques did you use to make it?

Brushes are sometimes the David Revoy brushes, sometimes the Krita brushes.

Is there somewhere we can see more of your work?

See more of my art at eka icydust (youtube)

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

I need subscribers boohoo.