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Help Beta Test Krita 4.2.6!

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This will be the first Krita release since the big sprint. We're aiming to do monthly bugfix releases again from now on! But we also want to cut down on the regressions that come with rapid development so we're making beta releases again. Please help the team out and check these beta releases for bugs and regressions. Right there in the welcome screen is a link to a survey where you can give your feedback:

The survey idea is new -- we want to get your impressions of what we're about to release. If it works, we'll be refining the surveys.

What's new in 4.2.6?

New features:

We want to especially thank Karl Ove Hufthammer for his extensive work on polishing the translatable string.

Bugs fixed



For the beta, only portable zip files are available. Just open the zip file in Explorer and drag the folder somewhere convenient, then double-click on the krita icon in the folder. This will not impact an installed version of Krita, though it will share your settings and custom resources with your regular installed version of Krita. For reporting crashes, also get the debug symbols folder.


(If, for some reason, Firefox thinks it needs to load this as text: to download, right-click on the link.)


Note: the gmic-qt is not available on OSX.

Source code


For all downloads:

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