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Statistics Are Fun!

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It's the last day of the year, and statistics are fun! So, let's see what we did this year, in fairly meaningless numbers!


We made ten releases, as mentioned before. Over the past twelve months, 47 people committed a total of 2,842 commits to the master branch of Krita. That's up from 2,260 commits in 2017. The top-ten list looks like this:

  1. 1,026 Boudewijn Rempt
  2. 591 Dmitry Kazakov
  3. 260 Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier
  4. 186 Scott Petrovic
  5. 172 Michael Zhou
  6. 121 Jouni Pentikäinen
  7. 107 Alvin Wong
  8. 104 Ivan Yossi
  9. 56 Andrey Kamakin
  10. 46 David Revoy

Collectively we removed 648,887 lines of code and added 996,142 lines of code. Of course... Lines of code and numbers of commits doesn't say a whole lot. But we've currently got 580,268 lines of C++, 12,054 lines of Python code out of a total of 607,193 lines of code. There are 30 libraries, 151 plugins, 243 automated tests (of which 5 are failing).


We ended the year 2018 with 395 open bugs. That's 228 fewer bugs than we ended 2017 with! We received 1312 new bug reports and closed 1540 bug reports. Krita is the second busiest project in the KDE bugzilla database, directly after the Plasma desktop shell. Boudewijn closed 885 bug reports, Dmitry 220, Scott 73, Raghukamath 73, Wolthera 57, Jouni 35, Alvin 34, Emmett 25. The quickest we fixed a bug was within 2 minutes.


There are now 374 wishes in bugzilla, 40 more than we ended 2017 with. People made 148 new wishes, and we closed 107.


Through Paypal (both direct and via Mollie) we received 40,171 euros, down 2% compared to 2017. We started working with Mollie in August. That added 15,589.98 in revenue through bank transfers, bitcoin, credit cards. Our total income was 55,760,97, down from 70,480.70 in 2017. (That was an exceptional year, though, because we got so many donations to help out with the tax problems.) We don't have an overview of what we spent on development and sprints yet.