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Google Summer of Code 2017: Krita's Students Introduce themselves

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This year, four students, from three separate continents, will participate, within the wider KDE project, in Google's Summer of Code for Krita. We'd like to say "welcome!" to all four, and give them a chance to introduce themselves!

Aniketh Girish: Integrate Krita With

I'm Aniketh Girish. I’m a first-year Computer Science and Engineering student pursuing my bachelor’s from Amrita University. I’m an active member of the FOSS club in our university (FOSS@Amrita). I started contributing to KDE in September 2016. I was selected for Season of KDE(KDE-SoK) 2016-17, in which I worked on the project Kstars. I was invited as a speaker for KDE India Conference 2017 in IIT Guwahati, where I gave a talk on the topic "Object tracking using OpenCV and Qt". I have also contributed to other projects of KDE like Konsole, KIO and several more.

My project for GSoC 2017 aims to integrate with our Krita application. I intend to accomplish this project using the Open Collaboration Services called libattica. I will create a user friendly GUI for it as well.

The second part of the project is to make the GUI of resource manager much more appealing. The existing resource manager is quite buggy and not very user-friendly, so it requires a lot of triaging. Therefore I will make the resource manager’s GUI much better, using the open collaboration service to share the bundles and other resources available from I'll also fix any issues I find.


Eliakin Costa: Showcasing Python Scripting in Krita

I'm Eliakin Costa, 23 years old, from Brazil. My project for GSoC is "Develop a showcase of Krita's new scripting support", a continuation of my recent work on Krita. I have to implement scripts to be executed in the Scripter (a GUI to execute and save python scripts inside Krita) and plugins to be added to the Krita GUI. A really important part of my work is to talk with more users to compile a good group of scripts and plugins to be implemented during this period and define how my work will be available for the users. I'm really excited to code and to help Krita's community.

Григорий Танцевов: Watercolor Brushes in Krita

I’m a third year student of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. I am interested in programming, music and art. I did not have the opportunity to seriously engage in programming during my school years because I grew up in a small city. But I compensated for this by studying mathematics and physics.

My first programming experience was in grade 6, when I did a primitive drawing program using Pascal. Later, I began to learn the basics of programming in special courses at the College of my city. As part of the university’s curriculum, I studied programming languages like Lisp, C, C++, C#. Now my main programming language is C++.

As a part of GSoC i'm going to make watercolor brush for Krita based on the procedural brush.

Alexey Kapustin: Telemetry for Understanding Which Functions in Krita Are Used Most.

I’m Alexey Kapustin, a 3rd year student at the Software Engineering Faculty of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. I’m interested in C ++, Python, Javascript, web development. I also study at the Technopark in the 3rd semester. (Russian School of Web Architects).

This summer I will be doing telemetry for Krita. I think this is very useful for developers. Also it will help me to get new skills.