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Angle and Windows Ink - a new test version of Krita for Windows

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We've created a special version of Krita 4.0 pre-alpha for Windows users to test. This version contains two big new features that should solve the biggest problems Krita has on the Windows platform:

Note: that this is a build from our development branch. It has got all kinds of nifty, but highly unstable features, like scripting, saving in the background, svg graphics... If you load a Krita 3.x file with vector layers and save it with this version of Krita, you will NOT be able to open it in your regular, stable Krita. This build is purely experimental! Do NOT use it for real work. DO help us with testing!

Test Instructions for Angle

NOTE: You won't be able to enable/disable OpenGL/Angle in Krita's Settings/Configure Krita/Display settings dialog; it will be forced enabled for this test.

Test Instructions for Windows Ink/Windows Pointer API

This is only relevant for Windows 8 and 10: Windows 7 does not support this API (and Krita does not support Windows 95, 98, XP or Vista). You should be using a Surface Pro with a pen or another convertible that uses Microsoft's n-trig pen technology. It does not matter whether you have the wintab driver installed.


Thanks for helping to test this important new features.