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New Stable and Development Builds

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We've got new builds for you! A new stable release with a number of important bugfixes: the brush-resize lag is gone, templates are there again, loading brush tags works again, the sobel filter is fixed.

And we've got a unstable beta1 release, which includes all the work done by Wolthera (soft proofing, new color dialog, color-managed color picker), Julian (a rewrite of Qt's OpenGL 2D painting subsystem and modernization of Krita's OpenGL canvas) and Jouni (interpolation and keyframing for layers and masks and their properties) for their Google Summer of Code projects, rendering to video, a whole new and very speedy brush engine, the first (slow) version of the lazy-brush coloring mask implementation and much, much more.

Because so much new code got into this beta, we're probably going to have to spend more time than scheduled ironing out all bugs, so please do download and test these builds!

For OSX users, there is only build: because 3.0.2 will be the first release that has the full range of OpenGL-related features, thanks to Julian's Google Summer of Code work, it no longer makes sense to build versions of Krita that do not have this code.