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New Development Builds Ready

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There are new development builds ready, with a bunch of bug fixes since the last beta. Please test thoroughly, we're getting really close to the second beta! These builds have the following fixes:


UPDATE 05.05.16: Now there in also a Windows Shell Extension package available! Just install it and Windows Explorer will start showing preview and meta information for Krita files

Windows: Unzip and run the bin/krita.exe executable!

The OSX disk image still has the known issue that if OpenGL is enabled, the brush outline cursor, grids, guides and so on are not visible. We’re working on that, but don’t expect to have rewritten the canvas before 3.0 will be released.

**The Linux appimage:**After downloading, make the appimage executable and run it. No installation is needed. For CentOS 6 and Ubuntu 12.04, a separate appimage is provided with g'mic built without OpenMP (which makes it much slower)