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Looking Forward

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We have just released Krita 3.1, but we are already deep into coding again! We will continue releasing bug fix versions of Krita 3.1.x until it's time to release 3.2 (or maybe 4.0...). And, as with 2.9, some bug fix releases might even contain new features, if they're small and safe enough. But we'll also start making development builds soon, and there's also the  daily build for Windows.

For the 2015 kickstarter features, we're working on the following items:


For the 2016 Kickstarter features, we're working on the following items:

And of course this is just what we've planned. With outside people making code changes and new people joining, it will be an adventure to see what actually happens. There will no doubt be more exciting features coming along the way in 2017!