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Krita 3.1 Released!

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Today the Krita team releases Krita 3.1.1 ! Krita 3.1 is the first release that is fully supported on OSX (10.9 and later)! Krita 3.1 is the result of half a year of intense work and contains many new features, performance improvement and bug fixes. It's now possible to use render animations (using ffmpeg) to gif or various video formats. You can use a curve editor to animate properties. Soft-proofing was added for seeing how your artwork will look in print. A new color picker that allows selecting wide-gamut colors. There is also a new brush engine that paints fast on large canvases, a stop-based gradient editor.

There are a lot of fixes, improvements, and speedups. Visit the Krita 3.1 release notes for a list of everything that was changed.


These are the highlights:

There are many more new features as well!

A quick video overview of all of the major features and fixes that are being shipped with Krita 3.1.

This release contains work funded by the 2015 Kickstarter, work done during the Google Summer of Code, and work done by volunteer hackers just for the fun of it. Not everyone might be aware of this, but Krita is open source and everyone is welcome to work on features, hack on bugs, or help out in many other ways. Join our community!.


Note for Windows users: if you encounter crashes, please follow these instructions to use the debug symbols so we can figure out where Krita crashes.


A snap image for the Ubuntu App Store.


Source code


For all downloads.


The Linux appimage and the source tarbal are signed. You can load the public key over https here: 0x58b9596c722ea3bd.asc. the signatures are here.

Get the Book!

If you want to see what others can do with Krita, get Made with Krita 2016, the first Krita artbook, now available for pre-order!

Made with Krita 2016
Made with Krita 2016