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Krita 3.0 BETA builds out!

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We have spent the last 20 days making over 80 fixes in Krita since the last Alpha build. We have decided it is time to enter the Beta phase! Furthermore, we've also spent time on improving our Windows builds.  This should fix all the scary G'Mic crashes on Windows.

Notable Fixes

From here, we will go through another round of bug fixing. We would love it if you could test out the new build and give us feedback in the chatroom or bug reporter. This testing helps us prevent 'surprise issues' when Krita 3.0 will be released in the coming weeks.


We had intended to get 3.0 ready before the next kickstarter, but we feel its more important to spend another month fixing bugs. We're still going ahead with the next Kickstarter on schedule, so the May Kickstarter will coincide with the May release of Krita 3.0!

Known Issues

We're fixing bugs like crazy, but there are still a number of known bugs. Please help us by testing this beta release and checking whether those bugs are still valid! Bug triaging is an awesome way of becoming part of our community.


8 May. UPDATE: we made new builds and updated the links

We haven't managed to create an MSI installer next to the zip files. But we do have 32 bits builds as well as 64 builds now, and a new setup that makes it really fast and easy to do new builds. These builds also include for the first time the camera raw importer plugin and the PDF import/export plugin.

There are also Windows builds with debug information available, as an experiment from

The OSX disk image still has the known issue that if OpenGL is enabled, the brush outline cursor, grids, guides and so on are not visible. We're working on that, but don't expect to have rewritten the canvas before 3.0 will be released.

The Linux appimage should run on any Linux distribution released since 2012. After downloading, make the appimage executable and run it. No installation is needed.

Source code:

Git repository: