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Krita 2.9.11 and the second 3.0 alpha build!

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Today, we're releasing the eleventh bugfix release for Krita 2.9 and the second development preview release of Krita 3.0! We are not planning more bug fix releases for 2.9, though it is possible that we'll collect enough fixes to warrant one release more, because there are some problems with Windows 10 that we might be able to work around. So, please check closely if you use Krita on Windows 10:

And now for the fixes in 2.9.11!

2.9.11 Changelog

Go to the download page to get your updated Krita!

3.0 pre-alpha Changelog

For 3.0, we've got a bunch of new features and bug fixes.

There is still one really big issue that we're working hard on: OSX and the latest Intel GPU drivers break Krita's OpenGL support badly. On OSX, you will still NOT see the brush outline, symmetry axis, assistants and so on. On Windows, if you have an Intel GPU, the Krita window might turn totally black. There's no need to report those issues.


We recommend building Krita from git, not from the source zip file. Krita for OSX is build from a separate branch.


Download the zip file. Unzip the zip file where you want to put Krita..

Run the vcredist_x64.exe installer to install Microsoft’s Visual Studio runtime.

Then double-click the krita link.

Known issues on Windows:


Download the DMG file and open it. Then drag the krita app bundle to the Applications folder, or any other location you might prefer. Double-click to start Krita.

Known issues on OSX:


For the Linux builds we now have AppImages! These are completely distribution-independent. To use the AppImage, download it, and make it an executable in your terminal or using the file properties dialog of your file manager. Another change is that configuration and custom resources are now stored in the .config/ and .local/share/ folders of the user home folder, instead of .kde or .kde4.

Known issues on Linux: