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First Krita 3.0 pre-alpha!

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More than a year in the making... We proudly present the first pre-alpha version of Krita 3.0 you can actually try to run! So what is Krita 3.0 pre-alpha? It's the Qt5 port, with animation, instant preview, a handful of new features and portable packages for everyone! When we feel everything is nice and stable we'll release Krita 3.1, and we'll keep on releasing new versions as and when we finish Kickstarter stretch goals. So keep in mind: Krita 3.0 is experimental.

This "release" includes the latest version of the animation and the instant-preview performance work, plus there are a number of stretch goals from the Kickstarter already available, too. And it is a major upgrade of the core technology that Krita runs on: from Qt4 to Qt5. The latter wasn't something that was a lot of fun, but it's needed to keep Krita code healthy for the future! Whatever may come, we're ready for it!


The port to Qt5 meant a complete rewrite of our tablet and display code, which, combined with animation and the instant preview means that Krita is really unstable right now! And that means that we need you to help us test!

Another little project was updating our build-systems for Windows, OSX, and Linux. We fully intend to make Krita 3.0 as supported on OSX as on Windows and Linux, and to that end, we got ourselves a faster Mac.

One of the cool things coming from this system is that for Krita 3.0 we can have portable packages for all three systems! We have AppImages for Linux, DMG's for OSX and a portable zip file for 64 bits Windows. Sorry, no 32 bits Windows builds yet...


Download Instructions


Download the zip file. Unzip the zip file where you want to put Krita..

Run the vcredist_x64.exe installer to install Microsoft's Visual Studio runtime.

Then double-click the krita link.

Known issues on Windows:


Download the DMG file and open it. Then drag the krita app bundle to the Applications folder, or any other location you might prefer. Double-click to start Krita.

Known issues on OSX:


For the Linux builds we now have Appimages! These are completely distribution-independent. To use the AppImage, download it, and make it an executable in your terminal or using the file properties dialog of your file manager,Another change is that configuration and custom resources are now stored in the .config/ and .local/share/ folders of the user home folder, instead of .kde or .kde4.

Known issues on Linux:

What's Next?

More alpha builds! We'll keep fixing bugs and implementing features, and keep making releases! Right now, we're aiming for an update every week. Remember that Krita 3.0 will not include all of the features from the last Kickstarter. We still have a ways to go with adding the rest of the stretch goals, but with this release you'll get...

Change Log

All the animation features from the Animation Beta

And more animation goodness:

Animation Drop Frame Support

We implemented a "Drop Frames" mode for Krita and made it default option. Now you can switch on the "Drop Frames" mode in the Animation Docker to ensure your animation is playing with the requested frame rate, even when the GPU cannot handle this amount of data to be shown.

Show the current frames per second (fps) and whether the frames are dropped in the tooltip of the drop frames button.

The animation playback buttons become red if the frames are dropped. The tool tip shows the following values:

Other Animation Features

Tablet handling

Tool Improvements

Layer Improvements


Other features

Minor changes

Because our release is so fresh and fragile, we are, for once not going to ask you to report bugs. Instead, we have a


With that in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that we don't recommend using this version for production work! Right now, Krita is in the "may eat your cat"-stage... But it is sure fun to play with!


(Animations created by Achille, thanks!)