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The votes are in!

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Here's the definitive list of stretch goal votes. A whopping 94,1% of eligible voters (622 of 661) actually voted: 94,9% of kickstarter backers and 84,01% of paypal backers. Thank you again, everyone who pledged, donated and voted, for your support!

VotesStretch goalPhabricator Task
0N/AExtraLazy Brush: interactive tool for coloring the image in a couple of strokesT372
112019.29%10. Animated file formats export: animated gif, animated png and spritemapsT116
2569.00%8. Rulers and guides: drag out guides from the rulers and generate, save and load common sets of guides. Save guides with the document.T114
3518.20%1. Multiple layer selection improvementsT105
4487.72%19. Make it possible to edit brush tips in KritaT125
5426.75%21. Implement a Heads-Up-Display to manipulate the common brush settings: opacity, size, flow and others.T127
6386.11%2. Update the look & feel of the layer docker panel (1500 euro stretch goal)T106
7375.95%22. Fuzzy strokes: make the stroke consistent, but add randomness between strokes.T166
8335.31%5. Improve grids: add a grid docker, add new grid definitions, snap to gridT109
9314.98%6. Manage palettes and color swatchesT112
10284.50%18. Stacked brushes: stack two or more brushes together and use them in one strokeT124

These didn't make it, but we're keeping them for next time:

 Votes Stretch goal
11233.70%4. Select presets using keyboard shortcuts
12193.05%13. Scale from center pivot: right now, we transform from the corners, not the pivot point.
13193.05%9. Composition helps: vector objects that you can place and that help with creating rules of thirds, spiral, golden mean and other compositions.
14182.89%7. Implement a Heads-Up-Display for easy manipulation of the view
15172.73%20. Select textures on the fly to use in textured brushes
1691.45%15. HDR gradients
1791.45%11. Add precision to the layer move tool
1881.29%17. Gradient map filter
1950.80%16. On-canvas gradient previews
2050.80%12. Show a tooltip when hovering over a layer with content to show which one you're going to move.
2130.48%3. Improve feedback when using more than one color space in a single image
2230.48%14. Add a gradient editor for stop gradients