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First Target Reached!

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On Sunday, we made the base target for our Kickstarter! Unless too many backers decide to cancel their pledges, funding for making Krita really, really fast and animation support is secure! Now, of course, is not the time to fold the hands and lean back: it would be a pity if we don't manage to reach a handful or even more stretch goals!

But having reached this milestone, it's time to make it easy to back the project through paypal:

You can choose your reward level in the comment, and from 15 euros you'll get your stretch goal voting rights, of course!

Talking about stretch goals... Michael Abrahams surprised us all by submitting a patch on reviewboard that implemented most of the selection tools improvement stretch goal! Shift, alt, shift all, ctrl have been implemented for the polygonal, elliptical and rectangular selection tools. The rest is still todo, so it's not ready for a build yet.

We've been busy working on fixing other issues as well:

Unfortunately, all this has left our codebase in a slightly unstable state...  We tried to make new builds, but they just aren't good enough yet to share! Working on that, though, and hopefully we'll get there by Wednesday!