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Krita 2.9.6 released!

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After a month of bugfixing, we give you Krita 2.9.6! With lots of bugfixes, but bugfixes aren't the only thing in 2.9.6, we also have a few new features!

The biggest change is that we now have selection modifiers! They are configured as follows:

These don't work with the path tool yet, and aren't configurable, but we're going to work on that. Check out the manual page for the selection tools for more information on how this relates to constraint and from center for the rectangle and ellipse select.

Also new: Continuous transform and crop!

Now, when you applied a transform or crop, and directly afterwards click on the canvas, Krita will recall the previous transform or crop, and allow you to adjust that instead! If you press 'esc' when in this 'continuous mode', Krita will forget the continuous transform, and allow you to start a new one.

The final of the big new features must be that the tool-options can now be put into the toolbar:

tool options in the toobar

By default it's still a docker, but you can configure it in settings->configure Krita->general. You can also easily summon this menu with the '\' key!

And Thorsten Zachmann has improved the speed of all the color adjustment filters, often by a factor of four or more.

Full list of features new to 2.9.6:

Bugfixes new to 2.9.6