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Krita 2.9.4 released!

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We're not just keeping an eye on the kickstarter campaign (three days and almost at 50%! but go ahead and support us by all means, we're not there yet!), we're also working hard on Krita itself. Dmitry is busy with improving the performance of clone layers, adding PSD file support to the Layer Styles feature and fixing loading and saving masks to PSD files (we implemented that in October, but broke it subsequently...), and we've got a brand new release for you today.

Well, I made packages for Windows available already on Sunday, but here's scoop -- what's in, what not! Layer styles, startup speed improvements, memory consumption improvements, bug fixes!

Big New Things

And we mean big. This is the first release with the layer styles feature sponsored by last year's kickstarter!

And then there are the bug fixes...



(Please keep in mind that these builds are unstable and experimental. Stuff is expected not to work. We make them so we know we're not introducting build problems and to invite hackers to help us with Krita on OSX.)