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Going Wild With Animation

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We knew the animation plugin was something artists all over the world were really waiting for... What we hadn't expected was the flood of cool little animations that suddenly appeared everywhere! Let's take a look at a selection of them! And in another way, the release also helped find some issues. First: if onion skinning doesn't work for you, check that you're not trying to onion skin a completely opaque layer. Yes -- white is also opaque! The best setup: create a white background layer, but paint on a transparent layer above that. That's Krita's default setup in any case. For some people with some combinations of graphics cards and drivers, the Instant Preview doesn't work. There's not much we can do about that, but we do need your reports! And finally, a couple of real bugs surfaced, and we'll look at that next.

But here's the animation gallery!

By Timothee Giet

Toothless dargon turning head
Horse galloping
by JackTheVulture on tumblr.

Falling ball by はまの ‏@HaMoO0NoO0 on twitter.

exploding sparkles by Nahuel Belich on twitter

Dancing Gronky and did anyone say bitmap animation by SJ Bennet on twitter

Growing Tree by 雑賀屋鳶 ‏@tomB_saikaya on twitter.

walkcycle by JeffersonSN/Llama guy on twitter

walking dogman by Godzillu on twitter

by Степан Крани on youtube

by Немитько Николай on youtube

By Dileep N on youtube

Test gif of walking pruple alien man
by Benjamin Mitchley on twitter

mouse hiding under pillows and bird flying on tree by Vincent Sautter on twitter

By Popescu Sorin on youtube

hand smashing block/alarm clock By Pablo Mendoza on twitter

by Laura Sulter on youtube/twitter