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August Update

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Let's ramble a bit... It's August, which means vacation time. Well, vacation is a big word! Krita was represented at Akademy 2015 with three team members. We gave presentations and talks and in general had a good time meeting up with other KDE hackers. And we added a couple of vacation days in wonderful Galicia (great food, awesome wine, interesting language).

But Akademy and vacation followed on me breaking my arm, which followed on a sprint in Los Angeles where the topic of the day was not Krita but Plasma Mobile. All in all, about a month without me doing any work on Krita.

In the meantime, Wolthera and Jouni's Google Summer of Code, Dmitry's Levels of Detail kickstarter project, Stefano's work on fixing resource bundles, Michael's work on fixing the OpenGL canvas in the Qt5 branch and lots of other things have been going on. Lots of excitement! And let's not forget to mention the new icons that Timothee Giet is working on. It sometimes gets hard to push changes to the code repository because everything is doing that at the same time.

Anyway, on returning from Galicia, there were over 350 bugs in the bug tracker... So we decide to skip the August release of Krita 2.9, and spend a month on fixing bugs, fixing bugs and fixing more bugs! There are unstable builds in, but they are unstable. Be warned!

Update: we had to pull the builds... They were way too unstable! Despite that, another eight bugs bit the dust today and we're close to correctly loading and saving 16 bit cmyk to and from PSD.

Oh, and we've also started on sourcing the Kickstarter rewards. It's a huge amount of work this year: 610 postcards, 402 sticker sheets, 402 shortcut sheets, 86 t-shirts, 16 tote bags, 26 Secrets of Krita DVD's (Timothee has already started on recording), 48 usb sticks, 17 mugs, 53 pencil cases, 3 sketch books and 1 tablet holder!