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Only 34 hours left...

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Krita's 2014 crowdfunding campaign is nearly at the end! Only 30 or so hours left before it comes to a close. We're at nearly 700 backers and close to 19,000 euros! That's including the paypal backers who started donating after we reached the initial goal.

It's been an exhilarating ride! In these 29 days, thousands of people got to know Krita for the first time and so many decided that Krita is worth backing... With this result, we'll be able to make Krita 2.9 an absolutely awesome release! Already during the kickstarter campaign, Dmitry, Sven and the other Krita hackers have added a huge number of features and fixes to Krita!

Let's have a short overview of the most important highlights:

And of course there have been dozens and dozens of bugfixes. Eleven test builds for Windows and Linux and three for OSX! Tens of thousands of downloads... And that in 30 days minus 34 hours!

Let's make the most of the remaining hours! Dmitry is working hard improving performance right now, and reducing memory usage. Sven is fixing bugs right and left. Wolthera is working on a new color selector. Boud is working on portable Windows installers. And more is coming!