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Last week in Krita — weeks 25 & 26

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This last two weeks have been very exiting with the kickstarter campaign getting closer and closer to the pledge objective. At the time of writing we just crossed 13k! And with the wave of new users, drawn by the great word spreading labor of collaborators and enthusiasts, we have been very busy bringing new functions and building beta versions for you.

And now there's also the first public build for OSX:

It is just a prototype, with stuff missing and rather detailed instructions on getting it to run... But if you've always wanted to have Krita on OSX, this is your chance to help us make it happen!

Before getting into the new hot stuff in the code I can’t go without mentioning the useful videos from Ramon Miranda. Aiming to improve the common knowledge of Krita features and capabilities as a painting software for those who hear about it for the first time, he has created a short series of video tips: Short video introductions to many functions and fundamentals. Even for the initiated these are a good resource. I wasn’t aware of some depicted functions on the videos. All tips and info on kickstarter post, Ramon youtube channel

Week 25 & 26 progress

Amongst the notable changes and develops we can cite the efforts of Boudewijn to create a building environment to eventually allow the creation of an alpha version for OSX users. Still in experimental phase, the current steps show steady progress as its now possible to open the program and do minor paintings. Of course this is far from been a version to distribute, but if we remember the Windows humble beginnings, this is a great sign. go krita!

In other news. Somsubhra, developer of Krita Animation spin, has added, aside many bug fixes and tweaks, a first rough animation player. I wanted to make a short video for you, but still the build is very fragile and on my system it crashed after creating the document. You can see the player in action in a video made by Sohsumbra

This week’s new features:

This week’s main Bug fixes

Delay stroke and brush stabilizer

A new way of creating smooth controlled lines. The new Stabilizer smooth mode works using both the distance of the stroke and the speed. It uses 3 important options that can be described as follows:


Developers have been working to re implement working on multiple layers. This time they made possible to select more than one layer to reorganize the stack, merge and delete actions. After selecting multiple layers you can:

This first implementation allows a much more faster workflow when dealing with many layers. However it is still necessary to use groups to make some actions, like transform, on multiple layers.

NEW :Layer -> Merge selected layers

Edit selection mask (global selection)

To activate go to Selection menu and turn on "Show global Selection Mask".

When activated all global selections will appear in the layer stacks as local selection do. You can deactivate the selection, hide or edit using any available tool, like transform, brushes or filters.

At the moment it is not possible to see the effect a tool causes on all tools, but you can transform the selection to a painter layer to make finer adjustments.

NEW :Selection -> Show Global Selection Mask

Alt + click isolated layer

Added a new action to toggle isolate layer.

NEW :[ALt] + [Click] over a layer in layer docker.

This actions shows instantly the selected layer hiding all other. It will return to normal mode after another layer is selected, but while the isolated layer mode is on its possible to paint, transform and adjust visualizing only the isolated layer.