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Krita and KO GmbH

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This might sound boring with all the excitement around our first beta for the 2.9 release, but in the interest of being an open project, it's an important message.

From January 1st, KO GmbH will no longer be involved with Krita. Until now, the Krita maintainer, Boudewijn Rempt, was employed at KO GmbH. KO GmbH publishes Krita Gemini on Steam and provided commercial support for Krita to VFX studios and artists. While there was growth in the business, it was never enough to make KO sustainable.

From this point on, the Krita Foundation will support the Krita Studio users. The foundation will provide CentOS and Ubuntu LTS builds, as well as bug fixes and engaging in custom development projects.

New releases of Krita on Steam will also be provided by the Krita Foundation. Proceeds from Steam sales will go directly to the Krita Foundation (minus Valve's cut of course).

In the end, our hope is that we will cut down on confusion and continue to find a sustainable way to fund Krita's development through the Krita Foundation! The Krita Foundation is doing well: in 2014, the Krita Foundation has been able, thanks to donations, DVD sales and the Kickstarter to pay for one full time developer. In 2015, we'll try to do even better!