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Last Couple of Hours: Help Krita Break our Final Goal... (+Thank You Present!)

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Thank you everyone for your amazing support! We're so close to breaking through 20K, and with your help we can and will do it! To say thank-you, once we break through 20k, we'll be giving each and every backer, large or small, one final extra reward: A once-only, personalized "Kickstarter 20K Edition" Kiki wallpaper!

The text, the language, your name -- it will all be customized for you! Here's a rough mockup (expect the final to be more polished):

Kiki says Thanks! for helping us break through 20k!

So, please shareand  tweet the campaign to every artist, free software lover, designer, developer or friend you can! We're in the last few hours, so now's the time! Let's break through 20K together!