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Another kickstarter feature done: cage transform

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Yesterday, Dmitry finished another part of his work on the transform tool. He added cage tranform and improved the anti-aliasing. Only liquify is still on the transform tool todo list!

Here's the details:

  1. Warp tool now has really much better quality and became a bit faster

  2. Cage transform tool

  3. Both Warp and Cage tools now can work with multiple points:

3.1) Ctrl key for selecting several points

3.2) Drag inside the bounds of the cage to move the selected points

3.3) Drag outside the bounds of the cage to rotate the selected points

3.4) Ctrl+Drag outside the bounds of the cage to scaleĀ  the selected points

And here's a video showing off! Artwork by Deevad, recording by Dmitry, editing by Wolthera.

(If you don't see the video, here's the youtube link:

This means that of the original 12 Kickstarter items, we'd done:

Still to do are:

Here are new builds for you:

Windows build:

OSX build (still experimental, no OpenColorIO or OpenEXR):

Linux build: