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Watercolor Brush Set Released

Previous Post | Tuesday, 24 December 2013 | Reading time: 1 minutes | Next Post

Vasco Basquéhas just released a new brush set for Krita, meant to simulate watercolor brushes. It's an interesting thing to happen, of course, because until Krita 2.0, we had an actually physics-based watercolor brush engine in Krita. We lost that because the code became unmaintainable... Then during the early 2.x releases of Krita we had actual, physics-based color-mixing. We lost that because the code became unmaintained -- and it turned out, in the end, that it wasn't what artists wanted in any case. Though we get requests for a color mixing palette now and then!

And now Vasco shows off how powerful Krita's brush engines have become! Enjoy painting with the watercolor brush set: