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Meet Nayobe Millis!

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Hi to all, today we have for you an interview with Nayobe Millis. She is a young girl from United States (she is only 16) who has collaborated with us in the webshop, giving us permissions to make merchandise with this cute artwork: Sheep's Pan Flute. She is our younger artist! thanks to her and enjoy the interview :)


Hi Nayobe, Do you paint professionally or as a hobby artist? Right now I paint as a hobbyist, but I wish to improve my art skills so I can paint professionally.

When and how did you end up trying digital painting for the first time? I remember it being years ago when I was a little kid in elementary school. I used to go on the computer and scribble on MS Paint using a laptop trackpad. I wanted to see if I could actually draw something on the computer like how I drew on paper.

What is it that makes you choose digital over the traditional painting? or Do you still prefer traditional means, if so, why? I like both digital and traditional painting. It's easier painting digitally for me though, because you can really put in detail without worrying if you mess up. I haven't really painted much traditionally so I cannot compare that.

How did you first find out about open source communities? What is your opinion about them? Well, I was always stuck with MS Paint, but then I learned about GIMP through DeviantArt. People who used it says GIMP is like Photoshop except it's free and I always heard how good Photoshop was, so I gave GIMP a shot. GIMP was the only open source community I heard about, I only learned about Krita through a DA user named TysonTan and I found other open source communities by watching speed paint on YouTube.-- yay! Tyson Tan is the artist who made our mascot!--

Have you worked for any FOSS project or contributed in some way? I have not contributed to any FOSS projects for I had no clue what they were or if that even existed. I guess doing this for Krita will be my first.

What was your first take on it? Woo, at first, I found Krita quite confusing to work with. I was just transferring over to it after using Paint Tool SAI so I had no clue how Krita worked. Took some time getting used to it. I'm still vague on it now, but I'm slowly starting to understand the way how it works. C:

What do you love about Krita? The thing I love about Krita is the brushes and the way you can paint on it. There were so many brushes to experiment with. I personally like the square/rectangle brushes, it gives a painting effect. I also love how Krita keeps the color you used after you use them.

What do you think needs improvement in Krita? Also, anything that you really hate? I can't really think of anything needing improvement. Maybe a curve tool that doesn't need you to connect back to point you started with in order for the line to be filled. There isn't anything I hate about Krita C:

In your opinion, what sets Krita apart from the other tools that you use? I guess it would be the brush variety.

If you had to pick one favourite of all your work done in Krita so far, what would it be? I barely did much pieces with Krita, but I gess it would be my most recent one Sheep's Pan Flute


What is it that you like about it? What brushes did you use in it? I like how I did the sky, grass, and the sheep itself. Sure it's not perfect, but I like painting messy. I used the default brush to sketch and ink and I used the "Block_Paint" brush for everything else, as well as using the "Basic_Airbrush" tool for the highlighting glow.

You can see her DeviantArt here. Thank you so much Nayobe and thanks for trust in Krita :)