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Krita 2.6 Released

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Today, the Krita team together with the Calligra team announces the release of Krita 2.6. Krita 2.6 is a new step in Krita's development!

Not only are there hundreds of bug fixes and performance improvements all over the place, Krita 2.6 now incorporates support for the OpenColorIO colormanagement system which is a standard in the movie and VFX studio. This makes Krita a natural choice for 2D painting work in the movie and vfx pipeline. (Note: like OpenGL support, the Lut docker with OpenColorIO integration is only available on Linux.)

Another big improvement is in PSD support: Krita can now not only read, but also write Photoshop files!

For Krita 2.6, the splash screen was created by Enrico Guarnieri:


Read more about Krita 2.6 in the About Krita 2.6 booklet!