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Krita at LinuxFest Northwest

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April 28th and 29th, the LinuxFest Northwest is on again! And this time, thanks to the work by Carl Symons, Krita will be represented. I sent a bunch of DVD+Comic packs to him, to distribute to artists and use for Krita promotion in general. And Carl found an artists to give a workshop on Krita!

Oscar Baechler will not only teach Blender, but also Krita -- though he is new to Krita, he started experimenting, with the use of Timothee's DVD tutorial.

So, visit the LinuxFest and get to learn to work with Krita in the "Krita - Digital graphics for real artists" session, maybe win a DVD+Comic at the LFNW raffle and then go and spread the word!

And we will in the meantime go on to work on making Krita better and better. Apart from fixing many bugs in 2.4, we've already started on a bunch of features for Krita 2.5, like the composition docker or the textured brush.