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First Krita 2.5 Beta

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A milestone in development: this weekend, Cyrille Berger created a branch for Krita 2.5. And that means that 2.5 is around the corner already -- and we've barely recovered from the excitement of the 2.4 release! Still, plenty to be excited about in Krita 2.5.

Krita 2.5 will bring:

Under heavy bug fixing development right now is a new interaction frameworks. Sounds abstract, I know, but it will make a huge difference: interactions like color picking, zooming, panning, rotating, brush resizing will now be uniformly available no matter which tool is selected, whether it's a vector tool or a paint tool. Cool work, done by Arjen Hiemstra and sponsored by KO GmbH.

Time to select a new splash screen!

You will be able to upgrade to 2.5 beta1 using the usual experimental repositories of your distribution. More news when I've got more detailed instructions.