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Krita Artist Session Recording Part IV: David Revoy

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David Revoy was the last artist on that memorable Saturday morning who showed us his way of working and gave his comments on Krita. David is of course well known from his training dvd's, like Chaos and Evolutions or Blend and Paint, and those are the main inspiration for Animtim's DVD project.

David goes over the unique challenges and strengths of using Krita versus other applications and some interesting workflow / performance hacks showing how he manages to create stunning images so quickly, while creating a beautiful fantasy style portrait and discussing usability improvements -- some of which have been fixed to Krita already!

It's an exciting time to follow Krita, and I intend to do a writeup of all developments in git that have happened since the sprint on Saturday.

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Also today: the videos from Lukas and Animtim's Libre Graphics Meeting talk have been published:

Well worth watching as well!

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