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Submitting a Showcase Image:

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The Krita User Gallery offers users of Krita an opportunity to both show their work, and demonstrate some of Krita's capabilities. How to participate? Post your image file on the Krita User Gallery forums (png or jpg) with a link to the .kra file. Also mention which suitable license that you are licensing the native Krita file under, and some info about your work. Then you can hope that it will be selected for publication here :).

A suitable license is a license that is reasonably free enough so that we can safely publish the file along with a small screenshot, and possibly let other people play with it. A nice license is the GNU General Public License, but some of the Creative Commons licenses will also suffice. Basically it would be very cool if people not only could look in awe at your paintings, but could also experiment for themselves with them. Please make sure that if you use external material (like photographs made by other people), that you have the proper license (and comply with it) so that you (and we) can redistribute the derivative work under your chosen license. The document needs to be sent in Krita's native file format, and preferably contains the image as you made it, including use of group and adjustment layers.