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Showcase: brushes for Krita 2.1

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For Krita 2.1, Lukáš Tvrdý has been working on new brush engines, improved visualization of the cursor and a reimplemenation of the canvas engine, which means that it is easier and more pleasant to paint strokes at the edge of the canvas. Let's look at his cool results:

The Dyna tool, inspired by Paul Haebreli's DynaDraw suports serendipitous painting by making brush strokes more dynamic:

If you use the OpenGL based canvas implementation, you can replace the traditional cursor with a 3D-view of a brush, a finger or a pencil -- representing the tool you use, as well as the angle at which you are painting. Judging from this screenshot, Lukáš is right-handed...

It started as a simple imitation of Chinese or Japanese ink brushes, but during the Summer of Code of 2008, Lukáš implemented a hairy-brush engine that can be infinitely flexible:

More recently, for his Master's Thesis at University, Lukáš has worked on a particle-based brush engine, the spray brush. All kinds of wonderful effects are possible, as here demonstrated through the art of Enkithan:

Or paint a flower...

Or use it as a traditional image hose:

Have fun with Krita 2.1 and its new brush engines!