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Last week in Krita -- week 50

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Last week was chiefly notable for one, amazing thing: our donation campaign overshot the goal with more than a thousand euros. This is truly wonderful!

Development-wise, the week was very quiet, because Cyrille Berger had to prepare for the defense of his Phd thesis, Vera Lukman had her finals, Lukáš Tvrdy had his exams, and Boudewijn Rempt was sick and otherwise preoccupied by real life. All this resulted in a measly 23 commits and the bug count is now at a worryingly-high 76, so I'm intending to spend some time bringing that down this week!

Some cool things did happen though: Adam, a new hacker from Austria prepared his first patch for Krita, to make autosaving configurable. His first contribution to an open source project, it looks like the code will be committed today. Also, Edward Apap, also known as antiquark submitted a new gaussian blur filter and updated the convolution code to work with floating point kernels. This code also looks set to be committed really soon now! Lukas continued working on the spray brush and Vera on the popup palette, adding high-lighting of the brush on hover. Boudewijn Rempt spent some time cleaning up KOffice libraries and removing compile-time warnings all over the place, as well as fixing a bug in KSpread that caused a crash in Krita whenever someone would close a window after switching between the OpenGL and the ordinary canvas.
We're nearing the end of the year now, there's already a Christmas tree next to my desk, and at these times either of two things can happen: the Krita hackers will be too busy with real life and plum-pudding, and hacking will slacken until January, or having holidays will mean lots of hacking time.

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