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Krita 2.1 released

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by boudewijn

Krita 2.1 has been released. You might already have seen the announcement on, the  forums. This release marks the beginning of the user-readiness of the 2.x series of Krita. Get it from the backports repository of your favourite distribution or be bold and daring and get the windows installer.

We are still in a somewhat experimental phase, there are things we're not totally happy about, for instance, you sometimes need a tiny bit of patience when applying a filter for instance... This release should be very stable. So if you're using 2.1 and encounter a bug, don't hesitate to contact us. The forums, #krita on, the mailing list or bugzilla.

But there are many cool features. Lukas Tvrdy is working on a visual changelog but he is forever getting distracted from finishing the changelog by working on new cool features and fixing bugs! But to lift a tip of the veil: we fixed hundreds of bugs compared to 2.0, everything became more usable, there are many new brush engines, the integration of vector layers has improved, there is a macro editor, openshiva-based filters and the pixel brush engine has dynamic sensors.

Get it, try it, and tell us what you think.