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Mailing Lists

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Krita's Development Mailing List

Krita uses a KDE mailing list for all developer and user communication At one time, Krita was called "KImageShop". The current mail list also has that name. If you want to find out more information about subscribing or sending an email to the list, visit the kimageshop mailing list to learn more.

Not familiar with Mailing Lists?

With an open source project such as Krita, volunteers and contributers are constantly joining or leaving. To keep track of communication and keep a record for everyone, a mailing list is used as a central location. A mailing list is monitored through email. You can subscribe to the list and get emails with current conversations within the Krita development community. You can also send an email to the list where everyone can see it.

The biggest difference between email and mailing lists is that all of the communication is stored in a archived location so anyone can view it. This makes sure that no communication gets lost. To subscribe and start using the mailing list, visit the kimageshop mailing list link above. It has instructions on subscribing and any further action. Visit the archive if you want to see what types of conversations go on in the mailing list.