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In 2010 and 2011, thanks to the generous donation of the community, Krita has grown into a mature digital painting application. Krita is ready for widespread adoption by professional artists everywhere! Krita adds an essential component to the suite of free applications for artists, a full-featured digital painting application, enabling artists who might haven’t been […]
Third Krita Sprint Day Three
It’s Tuesday already, and I’m in full work mode again… But much happened on Sunday, and during the weekend several artists around the world made great pictures with Krita, so let’s go and take a look at what happened. A Krita sprint, like a Calligra sprint, usually drops down in intensity of discussions on the […]
And this
Is the artist of the Krita team caricatures: Our Animtim!
Meet the Gang!
Meet the Gang! In between demoing his comic art and joining in the discussions during the meeting, an artist’s hands are never idle! So Animtim prepared this little collection of Krita hackers and artists… Only he himself is missing! So meet the gang, rendered by the Sketch brush! Adam Celarek Boudewijn Rempt Bugsbane Cyrille Berger […]
Second Day of the Third Krita Sprint
Looong day! And lots of fun was had by all. The morning we did have the “Artist’s Demo and Gripe Event”. All artists present had roughly half an hour to work with Krita — and they we allowed to complain to their heart’s content. We have made a screencast of the painting process, as well […]
Krita Presentation at Libre Graphics Meeting 2011
Last week Lukas and Animtim gave a joint presentation on Krita at the 2011 Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal. It was a great success! One of the people in the audience was Linux Weekly News Nathan Willis, who the same week published his take on the presentation. It’s now freely readable, and well worth reading!
Download Krita!
Version 2.3 Krita 2.3 is still part of KOffice. Some Linux distributions still package that version Version 2.4 Krita 2.4 has not been released yet. Beta packages are available for many Linux distributions as well as for Windows. Windows Please go to to download the HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL Windows installer. Linux Ubuntu Beta packages are […]
Krita April Update
I’ve been wanting to sit down and write a little update on Krita all week — but was too busy. And that while so much has been happening. The most exciting news are the four Google Summer of Code projects — well, maybe more properly three, with one being shared with Calligra. Dmitry Kazakov, who […]
First Review of Krita 2.3
Nathan Willis has published the first review of Krita 2.3: Modern Art: A Look at Krita 2.3 . Well worth a read! Soon the first snapshot release of Calligra will be out, which will contain a Krita with heaps of new features, but as Nathan says: Krita 2.3 (now at revision 2.3.3) is well worth […]
Krita in March 2011
Busy times ahead… We’re working towards the first snapshot release of Calligra, which will be taken from git master. And git master already contains many delectable improvements over Krita 2.3.x… And the Calligra sprint in Berlin is coming up, as well as the Krita sprint in Amsterdam and Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal. And then […]

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